Allison & Paul (Proposal)

About a month ago, Paul reached out to me saying he was going to propose to Allison! It took all I had to contain my excitement and keep my mouth closed the entire time! These two aren’t just clients they are two people who I just adore and Allison well you can say we’re close. 😉 For those of you who don’t know, Allison lives below me and we literally talk about EVERYTHING! So you can imagine my struggle with keeping the secret but also trying to hide the fact that this session we had been planning was actually Pauls plan all along.

So here’s the story of how Paul and I (did our best) to keep the secret from her! (and let’s just say it was no easy task) as she had been anticipating this moment for quite some time. Paul’s desire was that there would be snow on the ground, and end of November is always a hit or miss with snow. He was also hoping to do it near Lake Superior (however, with the weather forecast we weren’t sure that’d be the warmest or the best option.)

It started with me asking Allison if we could do another couples shoot to promote my ‘up and coming MINI sessions’ (know and behold that didn’t actually exist) but she was convinced. So I said “Hey, ask Paul if November 30th works and if he would be willing to do another shoot. ” When in reality he and I had already communicated that, the date and time worked. But we had to make her think she was the one making the plan.

The location and time changed about a dozen times due to weather and a blizzard in the forecast. Paul was so patient and gracious as I sent him various suggestions to make his moment perfect.

Fast forward to Saturday November 30th, the day Duluth was anticipating a NO DRIVNG UNLESS ITS AN EMERGENCY kind of blizzard warning. Paul and I were determined to keep this day a plan. I’d say a Marriage Proposal IS A STATE OF EMERGENCY! It had to happen. So we planned a little earlier, headed out to Hartley Nature Center a local favorite hiking spot of Allison’s; While it was light and fluffy snowing, we hiked in a bit to the tall pines snapped a few shots then he got down on he asked her to marry him.

My favorite moment was when not only did she say yes, she probably jumped up and down for about 30 seconds before he actually placed the ring on her finger! It was priceless.

We celebrated after by going to one of their favorite local coffee houses Amity Coffee house to cheers over Chai and Hot Cocoa. We all made it home safe and sound before the big storm and Alllison is now going to be a Mrs.

I’m over the moon happy for these two and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for their marriage.

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  • RhondaDecember 2, 2019 - 3:44 pm

    I am so excited about this engagement! These 2 are perfect for each other! Good job on keeping the secret.ReplyCancel

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